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            SQL: 002 : SQL Server does not exist or access is denied

            Error Message:

            ErrorCode: 61443


            Failed to connect to database 'MainDB'. (ErrNo:-2147467259
            Details:[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.)

            Cause: The error indicates that GLOBODOX is unable to connect to MS SQL Server. There could be many reasons for this..

            Solution: Please follows the steps below to resolve the issue.

            Step 1: 

            Please restart the ITAZ GLOBODOX Server service and SQL instance for GLOBODOX in the Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services window. If possible also restart the server machine. Doing this usually resolves this issue.

            If the issue is still not resolved then proceed to Step 2

            Step 2: 

            You have to configure SQL Server to use port 1433. (or whichever port you have configured for SQL Server. By default 1433 is used)

            1. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager from Start > Programs.
            2. Click on ‘SQL Server Network Configuration’ on the left panel and you will see the window expand. Select Protocols for SQLEXPRESS. (We are assuming the instance name is SQLEXPRESS. Please select whatever instance is configured for your SQL Server installaton)
            3. On the right panel, select TCP/IP. Ensure it is set to ‘Enabled’. Now, double click on the ‘TCP/IP’. The ‘TCP/IP Properties’ dialog will pop up. 
            4. Scroll down and Click on the ‘IP Addresses’ tab. Expand ‘IPAll’ header and set the ‘TCP Port’ to ‘1433’. Click on OK to close the dialog.
            5. On the main window expand SQL Native Client 11.0 Configuration and select ‘Client Protocols’
            6. Double click on the ‘TCP/IP’. The ‘TCP/IP Properties’ dialog will pop up. Make sure, the Default Port is set to ‘1433’. Click on OK to save the changes.
            7. Now, select the ‘SQL Server 2012 Services’ node in the left panel. Select the SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) option to the right.
            8. Click on the Action > Restart menu option to restart SQL Server

            You should now be able to work with GLOBODOX. If the issue is still not resolved then proceed to Step 3

            Step 3: 

            Please check if the SQL port is added in Windows Firewall Inbound exception, and that GLOBODOX is configured with SQL Server authentication.

            1. Click on Start > Control Panel. In the Control Panel window, you will find Windows Firewall, click on it and a new window will open. 
            2. On the right panel, click on Advanced Setting and another window will open labelled – Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. 
            3. Select Inbound Rules on left panel. Then, on the left panel, click on New Rule. 
            4. A new window called – New Inbound Rule Wizard will open. Ensure the Rule Type is selected as Port and click on Next. 
            5. On the next screen, check that TCP is selected. Also, select ‘Specific local ports’ and type in the number – 1433. Click on Next. 
            6. On the next screen, ensure that ‘Allow Connections’ is selected and select Next. 
            7. The next screen will ask you the type of connect. Make sure ‘Private’ or ‘Domain’ is marked based on how your network security is set up.
            8. The final screen asks for a Name and Description. Both the Name and Description should be GLOBODOX_SQL_Port. 
            9. Click on Finish.

            Restart your machine. Now login to GLOBODOX everything should work fine.

            Updated: 09 Jan 2017 01:40 PM
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