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            SQL: 001 : GLOBODOX loading slow...

            You may experience slowness while logging into GLOBODOX or while browsing through documents, etc. There may be many reasons for this but we have found that the below solution has worked in many cases.

            Solution :

            Step 1: Set auto close as off in the SQL Server based MainDB. 

            Follow the steps below to do this...
            • Back up the GLOBODOX Databases after making sure Globodox is not being accessed from any of your network machines.
            • Now, on the machine where SQL Server is installed, launch the SQL Command Line. You can open the SQL Command Line Window by pressing 'Windows button + R' from your Key Board.
            • Once the RUN dialog appears, type in sqlcmd.exe and hit Enter. The SQL Command Line window will launch.
            • At the Cursor type...

               alter database MainDB set auto_close off

            • Press Enter. The Cursor will now move to 2nd Row, now type GO and again press Enter.
            • If the Cursor returns to the next line without hitting any error, then the SQL Server based MainDB file is updated for optimum performance.
            • The same process will have to be performed on the MainDB_cache file as well.
            • At the Cursor type...

               alter database MainDB_cache set auto_close off

            •  Press Enter. Now type GO and press Enter.
            • Once, the Cursor returns to the next line close the SQL Command Line Window.
            • Restart the Globodox Server Service for the changes to take effect by following the below mentioned steps.
            • Go to Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services panel.
            • Now, under Services search for ITAZ Globodox Server service.
            • Right-Click on this service and restart the same.
            Now start GLOBODOX you will find it is loading much faster.

            Repeat the above steps for other DB's as well.

            If you now face the slow loading only on the client installations of Globodox then go to Step 2 

            Step 2
            •     Close GLOBODOX and open Internet Explorer browser on the client machine.
            •     In Internet Explorer, go to Tools and click on Internet Options tab.
            •     Once the Internet Options dialog opens, navigate to Advanced tab.
            •     Under Settings >> Security option uncheck...
                            Check for publisher's certificate revocation*
                            Check for server certificate revocation*
            •     Click on OK to save the changes. Close Internet Explorer.
            •     Perform the above steps on all the client installations of GLOBODOX .
            •     Now start GLOBODOX it will load fast.
            Updated: 13 Dec 2016 03:08 PM
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