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            Auto-login to GLOBODOX Web Client

            You can now configure auto-login for the GLOBODOX Web Client. This is useful when integrating GLOBODOX Web Client with other applications.

            In some such integrations, customers embed GLOBODOX Web Client URLs in their application. Users of such an application click on the embedded links to launch the web client for viewing or adding documents. By configuring auto-login, you can ensure that these users have a more seamless experience and are not prompted to login to the web client.

            To do this...

            • Make sure that the Web Client is not running.
            • Open the 'web.config' file with Notepad from the 'C:\inetpub\wwwroot\globodox web' folder. (Assuming Globodox Web Client is installed in the default location)
            • In the <appSettings> section, you will notice ...
                              <add key="auto-login-user-name" value="" />
                              <add key="auto-login-user-password" value="" />

                        Note: If you do not see the above lines in the web.config file, you will need to manually add them above </appSettings> .
            • Replace the value of the user name and password with the credentials of the Globodox user you want to automatically login in the Web Client. For example if you have a user john in Globodox with password john123, then the text will look like below...
            • Save the config file.
            • Launch the Web Client by using the URL http://localhost/globodoxweb/auto.aspx (You can replace localhost with the name of the machine or IP address of the machine on which the Web Client installed)
            • The Web Client will login automatically.
            That's it!

            Updated: 16 Feb 2017 11:06 PM
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