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            Access: 003 : Master database is of an older version

            The Globodox Databases on your machine is of an older version as compared to the GLOBODOX installation itself.

            If you are evaluating an older version of GLOBODOX on this machine, then we would recommend you to either re-install the older version or in case there were no important documents added to the older version, please reinstall the latest version by deleting the traces of the older version.

            You can follow the steps herewith mentioned for reinstalling the latest version of GLOBODOX...

            - Go to Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services panel.
            - Search for services related to 'ITAZ Globodox....'and stop all the 'ITAZ Globodox...' Services.
            - Now, go to Control Panel and uninstall Globodox.

            Once, this is done go to Windows C drive and delete the following folders...

            - GLOBODOX Databases folder (By default configured on C drive)
            - GLOBODOX Desktop Folder from C:\Program Files\Globodox Desktop or C:\Program Files (x86)\Globodox Desktop
            - ITAZ Folder from C:\Program Files\Common Files\ITAZ or C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ITAZ

            Now reinstall the latest version of GLOBODOX , you should not receive this error. Incase you do then please contact us.

            Note: In case, Windows does not allow you to delete any of the above mentioned folders; please restart the machine once and then try deleting the folders.
            Updated: 13 Dec 2016 02:10 PM
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