MySQL: 001 : Unknown MySQL server host 'Server_Name'

MySQL: 001 : Unknown MySQL server host 'Server_Name'

Causes : 

The error indicates that the logged in Windows user does not have permission to connect to MySQL. This could be due to restricted or limited access on MySQL.

Solution :

You will have to provide permissions for the MySQL root user, as this will allow GLOBODOX machines to access the MySQL DB.

- On the machine on which MySQL is installed, start MySQL Command Line Client from Start >> MySQL >> MySQL Command Line Client.
- Type in the password for root user, once the MySQL command window launch.
- At the cursor, type Grant all on *.* to 'root'@'%' identified by 'password';
      Replace password with the password of the root user.
Note: Also make sure that the port 3306 is opened in the Windows Firewall

- Press Enter. The above query will be executed with a confirmation message.

- Now, again at the cursor type Flush Privileges; and press Enter.

You can close the MySQL Command line window and then access GLOBODOX.

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