Access: 001 : Unrecognized Database Format

Access: 001 : Unrecognized Database Format


This error usually appears when there are connectivity issues with the MS Access based GLOBODOX Database.


Please make sure you backup your DB.

To solve this follow the steps below...
  • Download the Repair Tool from the below link...
  • Copy and Save this tool on the machine where GLOBODOX is installed in Server mode.
  • Make a copy of the existing MainDB.gxdb file from the GLOBODOX Databases folder.
  • Now, run the Repair Tool. Once the dialog opens up, specify the location of the MainDB.gxdb file. By default the GLOBODOX Databases folder is installed in your Windows C drive.
  • Once, the whole path is selected (for e.g. 'C:\Globodox Databases\MainDB.gxdb'); click on the Compact & Repair button.
  • You should be now able to access GLOBODOX.

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